How do I pair a phone with SYNC®* 3?

This video will explain how to pair your phone with your SYNC 3 system so you can connect to your friends and family from your vehicle without the worry of having to take your eyes off the road. It will also walk you through the set up for 911 Assist®, downloading your phonebook, turning on the privacy setting, and more.

  1. Ensure your ignition is on, your vehicle is in park and in an open area, and your phone is powered on.
  2. Turn on your phone's Bluetooth®**.
  3. Touch the Phone icon at the bottom of the SYNC screen, and then press the Add Phone tile.
  4. Search for SYNC on your phone within your Bluetooth menu and select it.
  5. If your phone supports Simple Secured Pairing, simply match the PIN on the SYNC screen with the PIN on your phone.
    1. Confirm the numbers match, then press Pair on your phone, and Yes on the SYNC screen.
    2. If your phone does not support this type of pairing, you may have to enter the PIN displayed on the SYNC screen into your phone, and then press Pair.
  6. Look for a "Pairing Successful" message with the name of your paired phone displayed on the SYNC screen.
    1. SYNC 3 will automatically download contact list.
    2. If 911 Assist is not already turned on, the system will ask if you want to turn it on.
  7. Press Finish.


  • If a device is deleted/removed from SYNC, or SYNC is deleted/removed from a device, a new pairing will be required.
  • The pairing process can be different on each device. Watching both the device and the SYNC system for any messages is the best way to successfully pair a device.
  • If you would like to add another device, touch the Paired Phone tile, then touch View Devices, then Add a Bluetooth Device.
    • Since there is now a second device paired, SYNC 3 will ask if you want to set this device as a favorite, which is the device that will be connected if there is more than one paired device in the vehicle.
    • To change which device is connected to SYNC, touch Phone, the current Paired Phone tile, View Devices, then the name of the device you want to switch to. Touch the Connect tile, and that device will now be the device connected via Bluetooth.

Para obtener información específica sobre tu vehículo, consulta tu manual del usuario

Temas adicionales

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*No conduzcas si estás distraído. Usa sistemas operados por voz cuando sea posible; no uses dispositivos portátiles mientras conduces. Algunas funciones pueden estar bloqueadas mientras el vehículo esté en cambio. No todas las características son compatibles con todos los teléfonos.

**la marca nominativa Bluetooth es una marca registrada de Bluetooth SIG, Inc.