¿Dónde pueden reparar mi Lincoln por un retiro del mercado?

All recall and customer satisfaction program (CSP) repairs must be completed by an authorized Tienda de Lincoln o Ford Dealer and will be performed at no charge. Recalls and CSPs provide coverage for specific Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs), in which those vehicle owners receive a recall letter.

If your vehicle is involved in a recall or CSP, please contact your retailer or dealer as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.


  • If your vehicle is overseas, recall/CSP repairs can be completed at the nearest Lincoln Retailer or Ford Dealer in the host country.
  • Repairs completed at a non-Ford Dealer or non-Lincoln Retailer are not eligible for reimbursement unless you paid for the repair prior to the recall/CSP announcement. To receive a refund, the vehicle's owner must submit the original repair receipts to any Ford Dealer or Lincoln Retailer in the U.S. For assistance, see the article, ¿Puedo obtener un reembolso por un retiro del mercado de mi Lincoln?

If you need further assistance, contact Lincoln Concierge at 1-800-521-4140 or by selecting Live Chat at the bottom right of lincoln.com/support.

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