How do I change my Lincoln's windshield wiper blades?

You can replace your windshield wiper blades using the instructions in your manual del usuario.

Preparing to Change Your Wiper Blades

  • Get the new wiper blade inserts of the correct length. Your windshield wiper blade part number is in your manual del usuario. It will be listed under "Capacities and Specifications > Motorcraft* Parts > Windshield Wiper Blade."
  • Estaciona tu vehículo y coloca el freno de mano.
  • Grab a pair of needle-nose pliers, if required.

Changing Your Windshield Wiper Blades

Choose which blade you want to replace from the drop-down options below for guidance.

Note: Instructions may vary based on the year and model of your vehicle. Refer to "Changing Your Wiper Blades" in the "Maintenance" section of your manual del usuario for instructions specific to your vehicle.

Front Wiper Blades

To replace the front windshield wiper blades:

  1. Enciende el vehículo, apaga el motor y activa las escobillas.
  2. Turn the ignition off when the blades are vertical on the windshield so they are both accessible.

    Note: You will be working with the wiper arm, which is usually metal, and the wiper blade insert, the rubber piece that fits into the wiper arm’s grooves.

  3. Con cuidado, aleja los brazos de la escobilla del parabrisas. When you pull far enough, they will lock into the service position, so you do not have to hold them.

    Note: If your wipers do not automatically lock into the service position, you may need to manually pull out the locking tab at the base of the wiper arm, where the arm connects to the pivot.

  4. Comienza con el brazo del lado del conductor, coloca la escobilla a un ángulo del brazo del limpiaparabrisas.
  5. Squeeze the blade’s lock pin/tab on the bottom of the arm to release the wiper blade (a pair of needle-nose pliers can help with stubborn blades). Después, desliza la escobilla hacia afuera para retirarla del brazo.
  6. Desliza la escobilla nueva por el canal del brazo del limpiaparabrisas para colocarla. Tira de la lengüeta a través de la parte inferior del brazo para presionarla en su lugar. When you hear the tab click, it is installed.
  7. Repite los pasos del 5 al 6 para la escobilla del lado del acompañante.

Rear Wiper Blades

To replace the rear wiper blade:

  1. Grab the wiper arm with one hand close to the arm/blade joint and pull it as far away from the glass as possible. Hold it there until the next step.

    Important: Do not use excessive force because it can break the wiper arm at the heel.

  2. Grab the primary structure of the blade with the other hand close to the arm/blade joint.
  3. The wiper arm has a snap retention feature to receive a cross pin from the wiper blade structure. Grip tightly, press on the arm/blade joint from beneath, and separate the blade from the arm. 

    Important: Avoid rotating the wiper blade structure and trapping your hand between the arm and blade.

  4. Attach the new wiper to the wiper arm and press it into place until a click is heard.

If you need further assistance, contact your preferred Tienda de Lincoln.

Información adicional

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*Motorcraft es una marca registrada de Ford Motor Company.