Why did the software update not start for my vehicle?

It could be as simple as the vehicle was not off, not in Park (P), or the doors were open.

Requirements to Start a Software Update

The following items must be completed prior to attempting the next scheduled software update, or you may receive an error message:

  • Your vehicle is stopped and parked.
  • Your parking brake is set.
  • El update is scheduled for before or after 12 a.m. (not exactly 12 a.m.).
  • Your vehicle's ignition is off.
  • All your doors are closed.
  • Your headlights are turned off.
  • Your vehicle was driven for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to avoid low battery.
    Note: This will help ensure you have enough battery charge to complete the update, but is not guaranteed.

Important: If the above conditions are not all met, you will receive a "Vehicle Not Updated" message on your SYNC®* screen. Address the reason contained in the message before the next scheduled update. If you still receive error messages for the failed update, contact the Lincoln Client Relationship Center at 1-800-521-4140 o selecciona CHAT EN VIVO to chat online with a representative.

"Vehicle Not Updated" message on SYNC screen

Información adicional

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*No conduzcas si estás distraído o usas dispositivos manuales. Usa sistemas operados por voz cuando sea posible. Algunas funciones pueden estar bloqueadas mientras el vehículo esté en cambio. No todas las características son compatibles con todos los teléfonos.