What is the Head-Up Display* in my Lincoln vehicle?

The Head-Up Display (HUD) is a visual system that shows information in your field of view as you drive.

Lincoln is the first manufacturer to use Digital Light Projection (DLP)® technology - the same technology used in digital movie theaters - for the HUD.

Head-Up Display (HUD) Projection Example

HUD Features

The HUD projects information onto the windshield into your field of view just above the steering wheel.

Key benefits of the HUD system:

  • A custom driving experience that allows you to select what you want to see, including the following:
  • A display that is more visible in ambient lighting conditions, even when you are wearing polarized sunglasses.

HUD Configuration Options

  • You can turn the HUD on or off and set your preferences through the Head-Up Display menu located in the Information Display in the instrument cluster. Use the arrow buttons on the right-hand side of your steering wheel.

    Note: If HUD On is unchecked, the system is off, and other options are hidden.
  • The system's options appear in the Information Display, while the updates happen on the HUD.
  • The system can be adjusted according to your height for easier viewing.
  • You can also change what is displayed, and the brightness of the content.

Reference the "HEAD UP DISPLAY (IF EQUIPPED)" section of the manual del usuario for further information.

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