What is Lincoln's AdvanceTrac®* traction control system?

Some Lincoln vehicles come equipped with AdvanceTrac, a traction control system (TCS) that helps avoid loss of traction. When the system senses a loss of traction, it applies braking where needed to keep the vehicle tracking safely on its intended path.

Características electrónicas para mejorar la estabilidad

AdvanceTrac provides the following electronic stability enhancement features:

  • A TCS, that functions to help avoid loss of traction.
  • Electronic Stability Control, that functions to help prevent skids or lateral slides.
  • Roll Stability Control®, which functions to help prevent a vehicle rollover.

AdvanceTrac está siempre activado y no requiere tu interacción para funcionar. If the need to disable it arises, an AdvanceTrac button is located on the instrument panel. For instance, if you are stuck in snow, mud, or sand and seem to be losing engine power, switching AdvanceTrac to "Off" may be beneficial as it will allow your wheels to spin. Esto restablecerá toda la potencia del motor y mejorará tu impulso para salir de la situación.

Consulta tu manual del usuario for the location of the AdvanceTrac button for your vehicle.

Información adicional

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*Refer to your manual del usuario para obtener más información sobre el funcionamiento del sistema y lo que se puede esperar cuando se conecta automáticamente.