¿Cuándo debería cambiar el filtro de combustible en mi vehículo Lincoln?

Your vehicle needs fuel to run. However, your engine’s performance can be affected when the fuel filter gets clogged.

A new fuel filter helps remove contaminants while providing the proper amount of fuel to your engine.

Because the engine will run properly, you’ll enjoy optimal performance and efficiency.

Cuándo cambiar los filtros de combustible

 refer to your manual del usuario for a more specific maintenance schedule.

Replace your fuel filter if:

  • Your vehicle is difficult to start.
  • Your vehicle idles rough or stalls.
  • You experience sluggish acceleration.
  • You experience decreased fuel economy.
  • You suspect a bad tank of fuel.

Because the interval at which you should replace your fuel filter depends on your vehicle model, refer to your manual del usuario y Programa de mantenimiento de Lincoln for specific information on when to replace your fuel filter.

Filtros de combustible Motorcraft originales

Motorcraft fuel filters are recommended by Lincoln and are made specifically for your vehicle.

Los filtros de combustible Motorcraft:

  • Help prevent stalling, poor starting, and potential engine failure.
  • Help improve vehicle performance by ensuring a uniform fuel flow.
  • Help block impurities and contaminants in your fuel or gas tank before they can enter your engine or clog your injectors.
  • Remove 90% of particles 20 microns or larger.
  • Be an exact fit.

Visit your preferred Tienda de Lincoln para reemplazar el filtro de combustible.