Where can I learn more about Lincoln's history?

You can find historical documents, records, and photographs through the Benson Ford Research Center or The Detroit Public Library's National Automotive History Collection.

Refer to the table below for more information:

Nombre de la empresa 

Type of Information Available

Información de contacto

Benson Ford Research CenterHistorical records and photographs of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford, and other major holdings in automotive, industrial, social, and cultural American history. 

Sitio web: www.thehenryford.org/research
Email: research.center@thehenryford.org
Teléfono: 1-313-982-6020
Fax Number: 1-313-982-6244
Dirección postal:
Benson Ford Research Center
The Henry Ford
PO Box 1970
Dearborn, MI 48121-1970

Note: If possible, visitors to the Center should make an appointment in advance.

The Detroit Public Library National Automotive History CollectionDocuments on the history and development of the automobile and other forms of motorized, wheeled, and land transportation in the United States and abroad. Sitio web: https://detroitpubliclibrary.org/
Email: nahc@detroitpubliclibrary.org
Teléfono: 1-313-481-1862
Fax: 1-313-962-1222
Dirección postal:
Skillman Branch
Detroit Public Library
121 Gratiot Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226

Información adicional

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